Software Consulting for Faster Project Delivery

Software Consulting for Faster Project Delivery

The Client:

We have been working with MMT at their Uppingham office, on web and software development, for over 4 years. MMT Digital are a digital transformation agency with over 160 talented people with a passion for technology, innovation and agility. Their collaborative approach delivers successful, effective solutions for their clients. They are rated the UK’s most recommended digital agency. 

What we do at MMT:

Our consultant, work with, and complement their in-house development team by adding expertise to enable faster project delivery. We join various projects at different development stages as required. This is what they have to say about our consultant:

He is a highly knowledgeable developer, very helpful, dedicated and ensures deadlines are met. Not only is he a professional team player but he is also very easy to get along with. I can confidently say he adds value to a solution being developed. Rohan Desai, Finance Manager, Uppingham

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